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About MagnusMG

Letter from the President:

Since 2006, Magnus Marketing Group has supported a variety of start-up and midsize companies. Magnus is Latin for GREAT - the goal for any "good" entrepreneurial firm. I have watched companies like AlphaPoint Technology, 3X Systems, and Shally Steckerl's JobMachine evolve and I feel redeemed. Redeemed because I know that the path I chose for myself the day after swearing I would never go through situations such as I had in the past was the right one. Those three represent some successes out of the many that I have been involved with. And the failures? Successful failures - some of my clients now will spare an employee termination or will change direction as a result of engaging me first.

More than just making phone calls or relaying information about companies, Magnus Marketing Group has evolved into the "prove it to the market" organization. With a superior and keenly intelligent approach to "go to market" and market development, the culmination of experience, methods, and approaches enables small business to achieve maximum potential and market share.

Today, MagnusMG works hard to help companies achieve greatness - transcend politics, the "company-centric" mentality, and market obstacles to gain visibility and traction. Even in the toughest and most frustrating of times, opportunity - no matter how small or large still exists. And, I pride myself on having found it - sometimes when others could not.

No, I am not a consultant, telemarketer, market researcher, salesperson, marketer - I am all those things and much more. MagnusMG is one incremental resource that needs to be on any entrepreneurial team.

The clients MagnusMG works with are innovative, intelligent, and groundbreaking and driven to succeed. It is pleasure to work with like-minded entities, I sincerely look forward to working with many more true "business leaders" and their organizations in the future. As I always say, I love a challenge - the unknown the "prove it to me" - been there, made it happen.

If you are up for the challenge, let's talk about making your company Great.


Rachel Schneider
Rachel Schneider
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