Strategic Sales Support for Entrepreneurial Firms
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Why Magnus?

  1. Consistently high ROI and results are evident
    1. MagnusMG is the only firm where the services can be paid for by MagnusMG's efforts at the end of an engagement.
    2. If a client does or doesn't get results, the reason(s) for that will be completely understood.
    3. Most clients have experienced above-average market traction and opportunities.
  2. True sales and market intelligence is provided
    1. MagnusMG profiles any account or market and strategically identifies the right fit between the client and target market(s).
    2. Market and sales intelligence is used to carve out specific value propositions.
    3. MagnusMG has real conversations with people ranging from CXO to receptionists.
  3. It's not the MBA, but the business knowledge and consultative approach
    1. To sell any solutions, it is imperative that the client company and challenges are well understood.
    2. Doing homework on prospects is more than a cursory website sweep.
    3. Prospect education and information sharing is the norm, not the exception.
  4. Telemarketing? Not us...
    1. MagnusMG doesn't need a list, script, or qualifying questions to create revenue
    2. Repetitive and rote smile and dial produces nothing except extreme boredom
    3. It isn't about the handshakes, its about the deals - that is all that counts
    4. It's about alignment between prospect need and the solution you have
    5. More than just what you offer, it is about the possibility of what you can offer
  5. An Incremental Resource
    1. Before scaling up and/or spending money, MagnusMG can test the market and refine the offering, message, even solution to ensure greater probabilities of success.
    2. MagnusMG is highly experienced in business development, marketing, and sales and understands the entire spectrum of client acquisition strategy and tactics.
    3. Our business model is that of an outsourced employee or strategic support resource that is affordable for even the smallest of companies.