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Shocking Rude Customer Stories

Holiday season is upon us and as I have a second career in retail, I wanted to share some shockingly rude customer stories that left my mouth agape and my hand in my head.

J-LOW: Was working customer service, which luckily was rather quiet when a neatly dressed woman comes up, plunks a Jennifer Lopez shirt on the counter and says she would like to return it. I proceed to execute the transaction which takes less than 2 minutes. Suddenly, as I go to push the final button, the woman says, "Wait, I did not tell you to do it" to which (after she handed me the receipt and merchandise) I said, "oh...well I can always void it out". She says, "I need to ask my daughter and confirm that she wants to return it". She proceeds to whip out her cell and call the daughter, who wasn't available, then call someone - grab a "tell us who to thank card" and proceed to write down directions for some business meeting, call SOMEONE else, then call the daughter again. In between her phone calls, I asked her to kindly step to the side as - uh - there were other customers in line patiently waiting for return service. Finally, after two customers were helped, she looks at me and says, "Ah, well. Just do it - couldn't reach her" turns on her well groomed heel and walks away. My mouth is agape and I am thinking and saying quietly "OH, NO - YOU DID NOT".

I KNOW, YOU DON'T: While running the register as backup, a neatly dressed lady and her mom approach the register. The lady plunks a J-LO flyway sweater on the counter and I ring it up. She rummages in her purse and exclaims, "I have a 20% coupon" - to which I stated: Hm. I don't think there are any 20% coupons, there is a 15% weekend pass out. She absolutely insists, that I - the worker with nearly 10 years experience at Kohl's am completely wrong. She pulls out one thing, then another, then finally whips out the 20% coupon and points and reads - see Thursday through Sunday. To which I add, "yes, but it is good next week - November 17" for Friends and Family. The end result is that she procured another current coupon which actually put her at a better price. Her mom got a gift card for someone. Did I fail to mention - she is a teacher?

COUP-ON: Kohl's is notorious for handing out discounts to everyone regardless of charge status, but it is the brazen people us retail workers absolutely detest. Again, at the register, a gentleman of India origin arrives at the register. First, he swaps a charity polar bear out because the face is a little puffier on one side than other. Then, he swaps out a pink hoodie whose $15 price he questioned because it was a size too small for his child (yes, he held up the line while he called his wife to confirm). And the topper, he pulls out a pick-a-day and pass which was sent only to Kohl's charge holders. When asked, do you have your Kohl's charge - he replies "NO...I don't have one". And he didn't want to open one and as per Kohl's policy, we handed out the "reserved for Kohl's card holder discount" to him anyway.

What runs through these three horror stories is the audacity of the customers who cared only for themselves (narcissim), entitlement, and nastiness/attitude of these three people. The holiday season will be a tough one - not for the mess, not for the hustle and bustle, or new "policies" the management is enforcing - for these kind of people which destroy everything Santa stands for.

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