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Why I Wasn't On the RecruitingAnimal Show

So, as some may have noticed I did not appear on the RecruitingAnimal show as scheduled. I wanted to, however after talking to the Animal - it was not in my best interest to do so. I had listened to his raucous shows in the past and had heard a few with Shally - as he was my client and I wanted to keep on top of what Shally was doing.

In this case, the Animal contacted me because I have the guts to publish the names of clients who don't pay me. I do that because my blog is intended as an educational vehicle which highlights issues and provides insight into situations that occur to business owners and sole proprietors like myself. And, the message is that people should be cautious about working for or with those organizations. My journalistic intentions are 100 percent factual and are not libelous or slanderous in any way.

What the Animal wanted to do was put me on the "hot seat" and would have yelled at me, although he was OK with me not revealing any client names, he would yell at me. In a raucous setting and in an uncontrolled environment what could come out of my mouth may be construed as libel or slander. I may be tempted to reveal a name and say something more of opinion than fact. In addition, right now I am involved in a small claims action against another deadbeat who decided to withhold the last payment. I would not want anything to jeopardize my winning of that suit. Better to destroy deadbeats using the proper channels in the appropriate fashion. I would have loved to go on the RecruitingAnimal show and tell people how to go about really dealing with deadbeats and encouraging the "pen is mightier than the sword" method also.

Also, as I am selling to staffing agencies and would like to work with one again, gaining a reputation as a "chicken" or chickenshit is not a good moniker to have. I could see calling someone and having them say - 'yah, i heard of you - the chickenshit who writes, but wouldn't yell about your deadbeat clients'. Bad. Salespeople like me are groundbreakers, chickenshit I am not.

So, while RecruitingAnimal is supercool and his show is a great forum. Just wasn't for me at this time. I think also most people know the story with Arbita and how Shally is now dealing with his own deadbeat situation (what goes around comes around) and most of the deadbeats are belly up anyway - as they deserve to be.

Remember Justice is served in many ways.

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