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Cold Calling is Dead: NOT!

Was reading, again, on LinkedIN about how cold calling is dead and people don't respond to cold calls or prospecting. Social media is the panacea of life, cheap and easy - it gets results - or so people think. Here are a few anecdotal stories of why making a phone call is an OK thing to do.

1. Client develops a tool that other people have developed. I take this new solution to market and CALL people. While others have been in the market longer, no one has ever heard of this type of technology and are expressing interest in it. Particularly larger companies that have major opportunity. A direct phone call that takes 2 -5 minutes drives direct awareness, particularly for people unaware that such a solution may exist.

2. Called a prospective company a few times over the course of six months. Out of nowhere, a call comes in from another person at the company. He is enthralled with the product and is very likely to buy. He claimed he didn't get any calls or info from us, despite the calls - which is possible. Let's consider that the decision-maker, who I called, did not bother to pick up any voicemails or emails. The other guy took how much time and payroll cost to look at our solution which could have been passed to him in less than 5 minutes had the decision maker forwarded the vm or email. Maybe the decision makers should take a minute or two to review or have someone review voicemails, maybe they would expend employee's valuable time and payroll cost searching for stuff that takes five minutes to acquire awareness of.

3. The relative time and expense of inbound marketing can equate to much more money than prospecting. The costs of SEO, website design, continuous product information, inbound receivers, etc may be more than hiring a few outbound agents to call and send emails.

Of course, as I always say, banging the phone will not yield much - but when making phone calls intelligently, persistently, and with respect to the people making calls - it can certainly yield great results.

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