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Railing on the Rich Where Has This Great Nation Gone?

With the pending election, numerous people have been railing and wailing on the rich. Tax them to hilt, disallow loopholes, punish the rich with taxes. Start a class war, which maybe already has started.

Economic growth is tied to consumption and job creation. Those reality shows truly are awful, but you know what? The rich buy things, a lot of things, and also the rich are the way they are because they created and built companies which in turn made others wealthy and created loads of jobs. Only a small percentage of rich or wealthy are inherited wealth or dumb-luck wealth (i.e. lottery players). A majority are people like Bill Gates - a college dropout who would have flipped burgers otherwise, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Ellison, Zuckerberg, and the list goes on - even midsize company founders....old wealth eminates from magnates of the industrial revolutions, inheriters of Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, and others like old money M&M Mars. And once upon a time, many of the wealthy were quite poor, people who came in rags to the United States, people who were in the midst of the Depression who looked for ways to feed families, people in crisis who worked hard and worked up the ladder to make millions and earn "fat corporate salaries". One executive who became Time Inc's president or a president of a division cold called and did advertising sales as a young single mother with two kids - she didn't have dimes to rub together and two babies to feed.

When business leaders get rich, so do others - people who worked hard and supported the business when the lights were staying on via credit cards, people who invested and get dividends from the "awful corporate profits".

The United States of America was, WAS, a land of opportunity where a guy in rags could cross a wide ocean with a dime and dream and create a business or find a job where they could work hard and rise up the ladder of success. We have decided, in today's world, it is better to tear down those who would build, be "economic zombies" on the dole from the government - that used to be shameful and is now a proud entitlement, be fat lazy whiners - crying in parks about not having a job and blaming everyone for everything, and rip all the business leaders and wealthy. That folks is not the United States, that is a shameful denigration of a once powerful nation that led the world in opportunity and shone a beacon to those who aimed to become more.

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Entrepreneurs please do some research!

Part of the reason why MagnusMG exists is because my former employers rushed into marketing without comprehending what was needed yo support marketing _ from both strategic and financial perspective. Today with some clients - they rushed products to market without fundamentally establishing whether there was a market to begin with.

I know of situations where a product was developed for a clear and distinct issue however due to s lack of competitive research it turned out that other more established products covered what the tool was supposedly developed for or other solutions existed that fundamentally did what the new solution does leading to the general feedback that the ultimate User of the solution saw no value. Translated this means there was no way in hell or in this economy the tools could be sold.

Imagine getting funding and hiring people only to learn there is for the tool?

Please spend some money doing old school talking to people outside your Friend/colleague network and make sure thou really hast what people need before thou ends up with nothing and hurts the economy even more.

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