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The truth about landing the whale

Recently, my clients have gained entry into many mammoth companies with large deals pending.

Now and in the past those firms included IBM, walmart, Goldman Sachs, other Fortune 500 - names like Jetblue, and more.

Jill Kornrath has written books and people talk about doing all kinds of stuff to get the "C" level and enter accounts. Now stupid crap is floating about no cold calls, social media, and no follow up - can you believe that?

It is very simple:
1. Relevancy of product, person, message
2. Good communication
3. Follow up and follow through. No wasted or wasteful communication.

And - most importantly Time. It took me a minimum of two YEARs to land these accounts in a prospecting cycle. That's right, YEARS. Continuous follow up, follow thru, and upkeep.

That is the secret no one tells you. There are no shortcuts or special tricks. And - cold calls do work very well.

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