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Another story from Obamacare. Or lets really kill small business.

So here is my story. As one knows I work at Kohls, a fun place and nice place to work - with the exception of some pain in the ass customers and such. Well Kohl's gives nice benefits which include medical, vision, dental, and retirement among other cool perks. It is because of those benefits I was able to be self employed and have affordable coverage. Plus the money to pay came out of my kohl's paycheck and was covered every week without fail.

Well like the millions of Americans who received the dreaded letter - I did. The healthcare provider did not fulfilled the mandated bullshit basics and like everyone my coverage ends in December. Merry Christmas.

In order to get coverage from the exchange the best plan is 2.5 x more. I don't need maternity or other stuff, the plan I had at kohl's gave me the right coverage for the right price.

The effects to others I work with are equally as Bad, families who saved tons of money and received affordable care...really affordable good care from kohl's are going to see big increases again. Also, so.much for taking the money and buying a car, contributing to my newborn nieces education, or investing in anything else. Thanks again Mr. President.

Not to mention.....

By raising my rate I risk losing the type of clients I want to work with, I become could become non competitive and lose business, plus I have a bigger expense to worry about which has to come out of my main pay.

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