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MagnusMG clients are based all over the country and range from start-up firms to midsize b-to-b companies. Some are divisions of leading multinational firms that are building U.S. market presence. We can talk about something many other firms usually don't... actual results!

Technology Human Resources Other
Infrastructure Management Firm, NY International Executive Search Firm, NJ Construction Consulting Firm, TX
Infrastructure Management Firm, CA IT Staffing/Outsourcing Firm, NJ Electronics/IT Recycling Firm, NJ
Data Storage Manufacturer, OH Talent Acquisition Consulting Company, GA
Educational SAAS Software Firm, NJ HR Assessment Company, CA
Pharmaceutical Compliance SAAS Software Firm, NJ HRMS ERP Software Firm, TX
Innovative Asset Management Software Manufacturer, NJ
Reseller, Northern NJ
SMB Focused Reseller, Central NJ
Midsize Reseller - Enterprise Level, PA

Case Studies

Executive Search Firm - Marketing/Business Development

Company is a start-up global recruiting agency, representing the U.S. division of a larger multinational staffing firm. The market is considered very competitive in the U.S. Targets were Fortune 1000 and Midsize. Company had no outbound effort and performed zero marketing.

  • From Oct 2007 - February 2008, brought in 25 net-new contracts and 40 meetings including RFPs with leading technology firms and brand name U.S. companies for IT, Sales, Financial Staffing services
  • Solidified company value proposition and USP
  • Created preliminary website and collateral copy, cold-call emails, and researched accounts

Start-Up Software Company (Non SAAS)

Two guys spotted an opportunity in a defined market segment and built a software solution to replace Excel and other expensive proprietary apps the segment typically relied on. Initially assuming the software would fit in large companies, initial prospecting discussions uncovered that the assumption was wrong. Quickly switching strategy and refocusing to the SMB segment yielded a stream of interest including demos. Critical market feedback was solicited aligning the product with segment needs, resulting less than a year later (working 8 hours per week) in culminating closed sales.

SAAS Compliance Software Manufacturer - Preliminary Go-To-Market Testing

Company, which became a division of a larger firm, was testing a new healthcare compliance SAAS offering within the existing client base. They were unsure of the traction it would get and were trying to obtain market feedback to help shape the software and offering in a more market aligned and compelling way.

  • Out of 40 client accounts, 22 meetings were set with C-VP level decision-makers. One of these meetings was with the Chief Medical Officer for a Fortune 50 company.
  • A major potential partner was identified that was willing to help build out and position the new offering among other institutions bearing the same "brand name."
  • Key information about what the solution offering should encompass and how it could be positioned overall was uncovered.
  • The company was so delighted, that two other projects were given to MagnusMG.