Strategic Sales Support for Entrepreneurial Firms
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Support and Advisory Services

Most small businesses do not have the bandwidth or resources to manage multiple vendors nor do they need full-time marketing support personnel. With MagnusMG, support services like collateral development, public relations, white paper editing, and web copy writing/editing are provided. Strategic advisory in terms of market opportunity identification, product/service refinement or development, and even small business support in terms of business plan development, market research, or just advisory advice honed from years of successes and observing mistakes can help your company succeed.

MagnusMG brings the following:

Experience exclusively concentrated in start-up to midsize firms: Unlike expensive "big corporate" consultants who don't get the fact that there really are limited resources, MagnusMG is used to running with very little resources, support, or tools.

Observation and experience of companies that succeeded or had hit-the-wall failure: MagnusMG is motivated to create success which in turn reflects on MagnusMG's own success.

Integrated effort: Tying marketing support to sales and prospect/customer needs/wants/pains is critical to creating true company-to-market alignment developing on-going traction. Alignment comes out of prospecting/discussions with your current and future buyers.

What MagnusMG Provides:

  1. Sales-Ready Marketing Support: When marketing works independently of sales, the messaging and materials tend to be ivory-tower or customer (not prospect) focused and disjointed from the market. MagnusMG will develop sales driven support materials that resonate among future buyers.
    1. Website Development Plans, Copy, and Support Pieces
    2. Sales driven Copywriting/Messaging for Collateral and Direct Marketing
    3. Cold Call Email Development
    4. Direct Marketing Creative Ideas to Execution
    5. WhitePaper Enhancement and Editing
    6. Public Relations Support: Articles, Press Release Development, Bio's, Media Kits, etc.
  2. Product/Service Alignment: Aligning products/services to actual customer wants needs or strategically creating new products/services leveraging existing competency, MagnusMG will provide input, research, and support to define what is needed and how to achieve it.
  3. Strategic Advisory: Providing feedback, suggestions, research driven fact analysis, and other input, MagnusMG can help position and refine company strategy to increase market acceptance and long-term viability.
  4. Integrated Sales/Marketing Process Development: Working as the go-between for sales and marketing, MagnusMG can strategically align sales and marketing efforts to be market focused and completely integrated for prospect segments and stakeholders.

Forget the ivory-tower approach, take advice from someone that knows how to repeatedly generate new revenue and has entrepreneurial consulting experience, call MagnusMG to uplevel your revenue generating efforts.