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Business Development/Inside Sales Support

Magnus Marketing Group is not a traditional telemarketing agency, in fact, we are not telemarketers at all. In today's world of interconnectivity through social media, competitive environments, and over-informed prospects, the key is differentiating and building a relationship using multiple means. Just making tons of calls on a list with a script does not yield quality results. It takes a higher level of intelligence, messaging, creativity, and targeting to really build a market.

Plus, it takes time.

Appointment setting or pure lead gen, particularly when outsourced, provides no insight into actual customer behavior, market trends or motivators, or helps the company learn how to sell and build repeatable sales processes. A sheet outlining a time, date, and contact also doesn't guarantee quality or qualification.

Do you or your salespeople want to spend time and money chasing down false leads or paying for appointments that go nowhere?

MagnusMG provides much more than leads or appointments.

Don't ask "how many calls do we make in an hour", "how many appointments do you make in a week", or "how many connects did you have this week", the reply is "don't know, don't care". It isn't about activity, it is about qualified new business generation, real revenue, which entails "what did the CXO or decision-maker say", "who is attracted to our product/service and why", "what is resonating in the message", "what is the pain point the decision-maker is most focused on for our meeting", "what are the real pains/needs/opportunities we can capture".

MagnusMG will help you learn what is really going on in the market and provide strategic intelligence that will refine your company, product, and service positioning, build long-term relationships, and identify success factors for continued sales success and competitive advantage in addition to increasing your revenue.

Our model does not support "pay for performance" as defined by "pay by appointment" or "commission only", compensation is hourly rate + commission based on closed sales. Because commission is based on closed business, only qualified leads or appointments are generated.


MagnusMG requires that all clients engage for a minimum 3 month trial. Prior to any phone calls starting, a series of training and preliminary business positioning discussions will occur.

Start-Up and Go-to-Market Development: For true start-ups that are in the client acquisition mode, have less than 5 employees, and little capital, a special package that encompasses strategic research, sales tool and process development, and client development. Your idea will become reality! Affordably priced for the entrepreneur's budget.

Prospecting and Market Development Services: Whether a product/service launch, desired product/service expansion, or new client acquisition initiative, MagnusMG will use the right sales strategy, intelligent prospecting, support tactics, and advanced research techniques to develop the market.

Integrated Marketing & Business Development: More than just prospecting, an entire multimodal marketing approach is designed for optimal customer capture. This includes development of collateral, white papers, articles, and other integrated support materials. Advisory with respect to strategy, alternate opportunities, and product/service enhancement/development is also a natural by-product.

Make the connection and build your business, call MagnusMG for a consultative discussion today.