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Channel Marketing and Sales Development

According to a timeless article in e-Week Channel Insider, more robust and creative ways for lead generation are required. The gimmicks are growing old, the golf outings taking too much time, and targeting is too isolated at the lower levels. Resellers are pressured more into providing "solutions" overlaid with services and support, rather than just pushing hardware or software.

Plus, the competition is increasing, resellers cannot depend solely on a partner to provide support - demonstrating results to the publisher or manufacturer can create more recognition.

  • Small and midsize resellers need to take the lead, according to e-Week, and develop more marketing capability to support sales efforts. Plus, go beyond simply networking/referrals to develop a wider base of net-new clients.
  • Small to midsize manufacturers are competing in many cases with more established and "brand-name" companies and have to stand out even more to be a preferred product.

MagnusMG leverages years of experience with both manufacturers and resellers to provide proven marketing and business development "air cover" to help build the channel or build the market. From target account development to general product/service go-to-market, MagnusMG can provide visibility, differentiation, and increase revenues quickly and efficiently.

Minimum engagement is 3 months.

Manufacturer Channel Development

MagnusMG provides partner recruitment services centered around partner identification, partner engagement, and sales support.

Partner Identification: Given a profile of an ideal partner or a descriptor of where the product fits, MagnusMG can develop a customized list of alliance partners or resellers. A variety of research techniques and analysis is used to find and identify potential strategic fit partners.

Partner Engagement: Using a provided target list or enhancing or developing one, MagnusMG will develop compelling messaging and go out and recruit partners to sell your product.

Sales Support: In developing the channel, the appropriate sales materials and information is critical for partner sales. MagnusMG will develop initial contact material, emails, collateral, and other support material for partner sales success.

Reseller Sales Development

Show your manufacturers that you are taking the lead on market development, stop waiting for business to "come your way" or limiting your company growth relying solely on the network. Using successful prospecting, marketing, and sales account entry, MagnusMG will support market or target account development efforts.

Market Development and Lead Gen: Experience has found that successful market development rested on taking one solution or product to market. MagnusMG will develop the value proposition, key differentiators, compelling copy, and prospect for new clients.

Target Account Sales Development: Using proven and advanced sales intelligence research techniques and high end intelligent prospecting, MagnusMG will take a "deep dive" on selected enterprise level accounts. Information that will drive positioning and sales will be uncovered regarding the account opportunity, probability of entry, and critical success factors.

Marketing Support: Coordinating a lunch-n-learn series, a seminar on the latest tech topic, or determining avenues for advertising? MagnusMG can provide marketing plan advice and input, support for co-marketing initiatives, and help execute your marketing initiatives.