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Start-Up Go-to-Market Services

The last thing that start-up and solopreneurs need is to spend critical dollars on "advice", particularly research or reports that advise, but generate no real revenue. Angels and VC's won't even talk to start-ups until there is a proven pipeline and/or real paying customers. A great business plan or market research report full of "theories" isn't going to cut it.

The only way to generate rock-solid market research, adoption propensity, and build a pipeline is by getting out there and talking to people. True alignment is built by meeting the majority of segment or market needs. This can only be achieved with talking to real buyers and decision-makers.

MagnusMG works with start-ups to get them in front of the right people, to get that feedback which defines the product, refines strategy, creates messaging and closes the gap between the concept/idea and preliminary product and market adoption. But unlike market research which surveys and gathers data, MagnusMG overlays dialogue with sales process. MagnusMG builds sustainable business and real revenue opportunity.

The Go-to-Market process is fairly simple:

  1. Market segment(s) are defined, theoretical or actual, to begin the development process
  2. Introductory calls are made with the goal of obtaining feedback and visibility
  3. Feedback is obtained from key segment members while creating sales opportunity
  4. Feedback is incorporated to various channels:
    1. Plan and strategy revisions are incorporated
    2. Market assumptions validated or invalidated with redirect
    3. Product features and roadmap are redefined
    4. Marketing tactics, messaging, and vehicles and sales strategy are realigned
  5. Changeover occurs to sales focus when alignment is indicated.
    1. Prospects are nurtured and developed into potential clients/buyers
    2. New business development and revenue generation occurs

While simple, the methodology and execution is actually quite complex. Magnus MG achieves this via one integrated resource reducing cost and creating a "big picture-to-tactical execution" scenario.

MagnusMG helped many start-ups to get off the ground, taking companies with zero visibility to demo's and sales meetings - even closures -with target segment firms - including Fortune 500. MagnusMG built pipelines and real revenue opportunities attracting investors and proving out sustainability.

While MagnusMG does not charge $100/hr consulting fees, a monthly budget is required. The typical engagement starts at a minimum of 3 to 6 months .

Could you be the next Sergey Brin or have the next Oracle? With the right resource, like MagnusMG, that could be a possibility. Let's set up a discussion and talk about how I can make you the next Inc 500 millionaire!